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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
hello, hello, jell-o hello. notice no banners, no cheeky christmas obligatory posts, no incomplete year-end business. it's 2007, we rock the new year with a clean slate and now WAY more time to do STUFF. and that includes finding, listening, and posting new music for your benefit. hoo-ray hoo-rah, yeah?

lately, the buzz is focused on a lot of bands i only care about halfway, and it's always funny to admit. for instance, The Arcade Fire and their latest, Intervention? this is an opinion that actually both halves of the NfT team share: boo on Arcade Fire. years ago i sat behind the computer of my old job, waiting for my boss to yell at me as i scanned websites and forums and happened upon this indie wonder, listened to the album, and decided pretty finally that they weren't for me. there are other bands like this and there will be more. so you probably shouldn't turn to me to find any huge review with multiple tracks in the next coming weeks - not that anyone actually has the full Neon Bible. do they?

other bands you won't get a ton of writing on: !!! (chk chk chk) (a little too four years ago, for me), Lily Allen (OH. MY. HEAD. we're so sick of her face. and "Smile" sucks after the 1200th time, you know?), The Knife (i like them enough, but can we wait until they follow-up Silent Shout, guys? this is how we kill music for ourselves), and a few others that you'd be able to figure out by a lack of posting. like Joanna Newsom. did i say that?

we've been seeing trends in the blogs to post anything those constant emails say, to throw up some mp3s and a blurb, to half-heartedly go about it all. well, not around here! wait until you see you the spiffy new layout. alex is the spiffster, and he's got a great new look coming that's sure to show you we're all in.

also big right now: proclamatory posts saying, hey we're back. it's a new year. we get to start all of this over again, and stop playing You Know, In Retrospect...

we like this trend! and this is that post!

i missed you,
shan with the plan
What happened to you guys?
I bet you'll be writting about !!! when there album comes out. It's going to be amazing.


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