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Saturday, December 30, 2006
  happy new year (from We Are Scientists)
well it's almost that time folks. the calendar's about to flip again, and you're going to have to spend the next three months remembering to write 2007 instead of 2006. i know it'll take me until about may, but maybe you guys will have better luck.

i guess you could say this is NfT's first new year online, and it's even cooler for us because we're still pumped for our new domain. you know, [i'm turning into jennings here, pimping the blog every time i write the name]. speaking of jennings, we'd like to thank him and rbally for the kind words and the link, which i'd like to thank for the influx of subscribers in the past week.

to celebrate, i'm going to give you a few tracks from one of my favorite bands of this year, We Are Scientists.

these guys will never get old to me. they're hilarious on stage and on their website [which i linked you to up there] and i'm personally pretty psyched for their new album. the fresh material we heard on the 7th at the middle east downstairs was awesome so it's got me looking forward to it even more.

anyway, in the spirit of the new year and parties and getting drunk [a topic that seems to grace their songs more frequently than you'd expect], here you are.

::::OMG IT'S ALMOST 2007!!1!
We Are Scientists - Can't Lose
We Are Scientists - The Great Escape

::::BONUS: hilariousness off Crap Attack [b-sides and rarities]
We Are Scientists - The Great Escape Under The Sea

enjoy yourselves, kids, as responsibly as you deem necessary.


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