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Monday, December 25, 2006
  welcome home
while you're all home for the holidays, Toaster's little music getaway on the interwebs [hint: that's us] has found a brand new home! welcome to:

that's right, folks. due to hosting service issues like exceeded bandwidth, limited storage space, and mangled filenames, we've made the move to our very own domain and hosting. from now on, the NfT you know and love will be coming to you straight from the new coolest address on the Timmy - we're thinking about making buttons to commemorate this momentous occasion, so if you ever run into two people at a show who you might think resemble what you think we look like, ask for one. if you're right, you'll obviously be rewarded with a button. if not, you'll probably get a very very confused look.

in terms of mp3s from old posts, we'll be spending a few days making sure that at least everything from december, and especially the Toaster Does Santa advent series, is in perfect working order. for now, you can have the day 2 EXTRAVAGANZA in full force, seeing as that's what tipped us over the edge to get our own domain.

so pass it around, kids, is where it's at. the new layout will be up soon to accompany the move, as well as a little christmas gift from our home to yours. [not to spoil the surprise, but if you like Cold War Kids and live videos, this gift is for you.]

this year, while you're making small talk with your family and your significant other's family at some awkward party this holiday season, just casually bring up what you read while you're sitting alone in your room, compulsively checking all your "friends'" AIM away messages - we won't do you wrong, guys, and we hope you'll return the favor.


Congratulations on the domain . . . I'll post a note on rbally for folks to update their links.
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