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Monday, December 11, 2006
  Toaster Does Santa, Day 14: The Killers, John Denver & The Muppets

Day 15
seeing as it's deeply engrained into the very quick of my childhood holiday memories, there's no way i can go without posting a few of these classics along the way. this is a cover of another classic, so it's doubly cool.
::::John Denver & The Muppets - Little Saint Nick (Beach Boys cover) [1979]

Day 14
but -- mondays are for experiments. mondays are for rebellions. not tuesdays (you know better), not sundays (too tired) -- monday. nothing else will do but to rebel against monday. so today must be the perfect day for me to post this track.
::::The Killers - A Great Big Sled (feat. Toni Halliday) [right now]

merry christmas, kids! nothing like a wailing Brandon Flowers to get you in that holiday spirit.
but go on, listen... he wants to wish you a merry christmas.

er, for when the track gets pulled, here's the video (we're realistic here at NfT)

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I was considering posting that Killers track on Podbop but after learning that all the proceeds are going to fight AIDS in that (RED) campaign, I felt like it wasn't really the right thing to do.

I'm not saying you should take it down necessarily, but atleast encourage the kiddies to buy that one on iTunes for a good cause.
ehh ... gave it a listen (thanks for the video and link). It's not great. Going in the trash bin. Sorry Project (RED). I'll go buy a tee from the GAP.
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