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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
  Toaster Does Santa, Day 12: Ryan Adams, Boy Least Likely To!!

don't worry guys, i know this is really turning into the countdown for the last time that you have to see that picture. but i know you won't get sick of the jackie period! why? because it's amazing. those ducks get me every time.

today is day TWELVE. day TWELVE is a special day, because it's the day that my true love (and yours) will send me (us) a whole TWELVE drummers drumming. [if you're just tuning in, let these lyrics get you up to speed.] now, we're not going to do some uber-corny advent-meets-the-twelve-days-of-christmas campaign - don't worry. it's not like i have chocolate peppermint soy milk in my coffee this morning. (wow, that sounds gross. but it's actually true.)

anyway, what does the TWELVE mean? twelve, 12, 1-2, 1 defers to 2, so you get TWO tracks this morning, and you'll be really happy.

::::because Ryan Adams at your house means a fucking good party:
Ryan Adams - Hey Parker, It's Christmas

this is just a great song. it has a special quality to it that makes me wish it weren't about Christmas so I could play it over and over, all the time, all year long. you know, maybe i might anyway! who cares! he wouldn't. this is off of the Christmas 7" and it even has some awesome cracke-pop in it.

::::and because i don't know what we would do with Boy Least Likely To.
Boy Least Likely To - Little Donkey

exclamation point exclamation point!! oh, how i do love this band, and this little tune proves it even more. you know, i always feel like they are my good friends. (we hang out.)

twelve drummers drumming. oddly appropriate, huh? pipers piping, ladies dancing... lords a-leaping... swans a-swimming... swan lake? god, i could make the cheesiest series ever and have every song i post be relevant to those lyrics. i wouldn't be able to live with myself, don't worry. what would i do for five gold rings? record myself singing it. oh yes. yes i would.

Edit: okay kids, i'm not on top of things today. it's Jackie period for a reason, you know. apparently the twelve days of christmas don't start until the eve of the twenty-fifth -- thank you nice anonymous commenter -- and i was totally unawares, although the preposition "of" begins to ring in my ear [twelve days of christmas, therefore starting on christmas...] but in any case, if you love/pity me, just let it be the representative twelve, and enjoy the two tracks.

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I don't know what it is about your blog...but sometimes I can dl the tracks and they're fine...but other times like now I try and dl them and they don't dl as MP3's but as unknown documents...any advice?
that's a weird situation. i know we had been having problems with our file hosting for a while, but i was pretty sure that was resolved. i just checked today's tracks too and they seem to be in working order.

i would try it again, or check how it's being saved; it might just be a temporary server lapse of some sort.
okay scratch that, i see what's going on. apparently when you click the links, fileden isn't communicating properly that they're mp3s and is asking you to open or save an unknown file titled "1" or something. you can download the file like this or change the name to whatever you'd like, but as long as you put a ".mp3" at the end at some point they work perfectly well.

sorry for the confusion.
ummm just fyi... the 12 days of christmas don't start until the evening of Dec. 25th... it's not a countdown to christmas. wiki it if you don't believe me. sorry for being a somewhat anal know-it-all :)
ahhh, hey parker is a fantastic tune. even in july.
only 5 more days now!!! my kids are busting at the seams looking at the presents under the tree.
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