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Saturday, December 23, 2006
  'tis the season for a redesign
if you're stopping by today [as you very well should be], you will not only be getting a hefty dosage of christmas music, but a hefty dosage of seasonal spirit as well. as part of shan's seasonal rampage [christmas music, christmas cookies, christmas lattes, and a santa hat for Toaster], we're toning the blog down to fit the season. she's requested a sleeker, more minimalist, more wintery feeling to accompany the weather in these parts.

it's only in its first stages right now, but until i get a chance to make a new logo and some sidebar titles and the whole shebang, you wonderful folks will be seeing a cool blue background and muted orange borders. there will be much more noticeable changes in the coming days [weeks? ...we'll say days until i actually fail to come through] and as usual, your comments and suggestions are welcome. say your goodbyes and make amends with the bulbous mass that is Toaster at the top of the page [one reader thought it was a raspberry at first], because soon enough the logo you know and love will be gone [forever?!] and a new one that will hopefully live up to shan's expectations will have taken its place.

just stay tuned folks, keep commenting and listening, and enjoy your families this holiday season. when you play your new christmas mix and everyone compliments you on your taste, just tell them that Toaster sends his warmest regards.

and then he'll do it again in five seconds, because he will have forgotten about the first time entirely.


Hello. I was wondering, are you using the pay version of FileDen? Because I've been using FileDen as well (the free version), but I don't have enough bandwith...I was wondering if you had that problem.
hey keith. we actually had the same problem as you. we maxed out our bandwidth pretty early in the month and got an email from them about upgrade options. since we've been pretty satisfied with their services so far, we took them up on the silver subscription for now. we're paying by month at the moment but we'll address that situation if need be later on.

if you'd like a suggestion, i would go with the least expensive plan just to try it out for a while until you like it or find something you like better.
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