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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
  Jackie Period: Rock Kills Kid, Rogue Wave... discrimination is bad.

look. i'm the first person to see the words "The O.C." and run groaning with frustration into the other room. in fact, it happens frequently. so when i saw that the mainstream-indie goldminers at "The O.C. Soundtrack" offices made an album of all covers by "independent" artists... i more than groaned. i was pissed off, and i discriminated. i judged.

but, what do you know! there are a few gems. here are two of them, one from Rogue Wave -- one of my Top 5 Favorite Bands Ever And Ever Probably, in which they completely transform the Pixies' song "Debaser." i mean, completely. the other is from Rock Kills Kid, who is more of Alex's favorite than mine, but continues to impress both on the stage and in every recording they pull off. by the way, this one is the better out of the two (i heart Spoon), so what do i know?

::::oh, O.C.... why'd you kill off Mischa... (so the girlie mags/People tell me. sigh.)
Rock Kills Kid - I Turn My Camera On (Spoon cover)
Rogue Wave - Debaser (Pixies cover)

just to let you know, the album isn't half bad. there are a few almost unbearably emo-poppy-punky things on it (Goldspot covering "Float On" was a bad, bad idea) - but there's one track on there, Tally Hall covering "Smile Like You Mean It," which is better than the original song. move over, Flowers. far, far over.

p.s. anyone who came here for the first time from the Best Week Ever post yesterday must have been scratching their heads - "who the fuck is Jackie?"

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