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Monday, December 11, 2006
  Jackie Period: Postal Service - rare tracks

i wasn't kidding.

here we are with the first installment of the jackie period. that is a picture of an oxford university experiment, and it's made me laugh harder than anything else recently. look at those ducks! they're all saying, what the hell is going on? in case you haven't been keeping score at home, i have the weirdest sense of humor. but anyway, on with what jackie has to say.

ah, tea. ah, burning hot tea bag. ah, morning duties, responsibility, 8 am doldrums -- the mail, i have to check the mail -- damn postal service and their sketchy unreliability... yes... that postal service, indeed... [humming]

aha! the postal service! that reminds me. [how'd you like that, kids, hmmm?]

::::i wanted to make sure you had these.
Postal Service - Suddenly Everything Has Changed
(Flaming Lips cover)
Postal Service - Be Still My Heart (single release track -- not found on Give Up)
Postal Service - Against All Odds (Phil Collins cover. god, it's good.)

nice to have one version of the postal service to rely on, you know?
[yeah, yeah. merry whatever.]

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good indeed
are these not working any more? :(
it just seems as though fileden is confused right now - just save the files as normal, but make sure you stick a .mp3 at the end and they'll be recognized as normal mp3s.

sorry about the confusion guys!
The Postal Service will always bring back good memories. Thank you for that post. Speeking of 80's songs - there is this Swedish girl that just recently posted a GREAT Madonna cover on her blog. It's a cover of the song "Who's that girl" and I think it's freckin' GREAT! You should definately check her out and also her own song "At least like Melissa" (a bit Arcade fire-ish). Them and more songs are downloadable on her blog (strangely spelled)
and she has a myspace (but there is no cover and no downloads)
Keep up the GREAT work here :-)
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