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Friday, August 25, 2006
  Sigur Rós - Sæglópur EP

as i type, i'm situated in a nice little room at a lovely hotel on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, for a wedding of a by-marriage family member. however, regardless of my whereabouts or family connections or the effing lake that's literally right outside my door - i'm feeling a little out of touch. it has been the feeling of late. now here i am, in the middle of beautiful nowhere, confused and serene.

it's very rare that i find myself in these opportune moments. it is this special time of in-between that i know i stand primed for the strange and unfamiliar, for the quietly and irrevocably life-changing; it is this time that i best hear the promise and the earnesty of none other than Sigur Rós.

the Sæglópur EP was something about which i long went unaware, but was pleasantly surprised to find it tucked into my mail with a few promos. unfortunately, like most of the music that comes in the mail, it was tucked aside for an already long list of stufftowriteabout. today a track came up on my aimlessly shuffled ipod - driving through mountains, along hills, uncharted and personally alien territory - and it was the eery chiming voices and plodding beat of Glósóli, a spine-tingling wonder about which i have yet to hear an accurate portrayal and refuse to attempt one myself. i was reminded, intrigued; i switched gears and settled down to the Sæglópur EP. now, like with no other band, i am moved, i am transported, i am - i am someone new.

title track Sæglópur comes back with a vengeance, its own voice out from underneath the weight of genius on Takk. i played the whole thing through, refusing to interrupt the intensity and stark emotion, because how can you? they never warrant a pause, precisely why they require a particular mood and mindset. after such an incredible build, new track Refur tinkers in on pure piano, rides on easy listening, and then drops you unexpectedly to flow into the fluttering strings of O Fridur. over stops and starts of rhythmic build is a song of honesty, the lyrics of muscles and veins pumping, the promise of the beating organ's ephemeral nature. you realize it just in time for Kafari to drag you away from the face, back down to child's playthings, Mickey Mouse importance transcending bigger and scarier issues. you are cradled... taken away, taken back, loved and left to be alone. and it's okay.

::::let them bring you back: Sigur Rós - Kafari

with the four-song EP is a priceless three-video DVD on which is the video for Glósóli, which is quite literally sobering if not entirely moving. you can see that free of commitment here.

buy this priceless piece here or on itunes. i promise, it's one of the best purchases all year.

(someone should give me a little credit for all the special character html. just sayin'.)
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