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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
  new music: The Bank Holidays

The Bank Holidays
"Who ever said that dancing and architecture were unrelated? Pop music is workman's stuff, a trade no different from carpentry or construction, except the teamsters are slightly more svelte and well dressed. A song is as pragmatic as a house, and just as beautiful. The Bank Holidays know this."

so states the little blip of background available while perusing the myspace of Australian indie poppers The Bank Holidays. suddenly a stroll through pop wonderland is a tour through a studio, strewn-about pieces of foam core and protractors and cutting boards, models with wire trees and cardboard steps. now we listen more seriously to the completely selling start of their seemingly only available track Tread Easy; are those ba-ba-bas roofing or groundwork? do they lay the foundation for the strumming guitar's plywood and insulation? where do the lyrics fit in - are they just the furnishings? oh, bollocks. we've never had to think about songs in terms of building material. they are now the products of deliberate assembly, craftsmanship, wood workers, and painful concentration.

is this true? are songs something to be constructed, wooden planks and saws and pro tools used to erect something intangibly self-standing? if so, is this what we want to believe? or do we prefer to imagine mysterious magic in the night, words and chords coming together by the winds of inspiration, a Lennon-McCartney team whispering in both ears.

either way, i stress that the lady and gentlemen of The Bank Holidays did it right. their single is delightful, infectiously happy-catchy, chock full of oo's and ahh's and melodic harmonies calling upon 60's pop giants. you well know the kind: The Beatles, The Beach Boys... i am uninclined to list any more. it is the real thing, and man - it is good. six-repeats-worthy of good.

::::look for more from these architects of sound:
The Bank Holidays - Tread Easy

i have nothing for you, no tour information or anything, except to say that you should friend them on their 'space (linked above) and to watch for more from the aussie tour buddies of Belle & Sebastian... now that's a gig.

thanks Matt, for the tip.
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