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Monday, August 21, 2006
  Daytrotter & Cold War Kids
i like daytrotter for a number of reasons - they're devoted, they get awesome artists to do things for them, they make little banners that make my life easier and more enjoyable... then i see that they've got Cold War Kids in their little grubby recording-session hands - and god damn it, i love daytrotter.

Download Cold War Kids tunes at

"This is a story about a band that cannot be considered a mock-up or precursor, but the whole she-bang, a font of penetrating pathos suitable for framing. Cold War Kids is a collection of four men who write and play songs as if they’re burning from the inside out, involving themselves so utterly and completely in the stories of their faux characters that to see them in-person, you find yourself checking your own clothes for holes caused by the descending embers of whatever powerful stuff is in the air."

goosebumps. check it out by clicking the banner; if for some ungodly reason you're not acquainted with the band, i recommend you download the songs immediately (breathe in) and then, whatever you do, do not miss them live (breathe out).
In Poland we have Cool Kids of Death - search for them - they're awsome.
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