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Monday, August 21, 2006
  StG and their lovely contest is up.
the really, really, really beautiful people over at Said the Gramophone have ended their Silent Shout contest, and the results are actually pretty incredible. Go here to read the whole thing.

Basically, you could have sent a picture of a ghost, or written a 55-word story about a ghost. my favorite photograph is one of the runners-up (this one) and my favorite story is also a runner-up (although the winner is just as mind-blowing, really). it's right here:

"Another Thing I Really Can't Explain to My Mother" (by roseds):
The ghost slept under the bed. I preferred the suffocation of mattress and quilt. Once, I asked her why she slept beneath me. She dug her pistachio toes straight into the floorboards before answering. I don’t remember what she said—ugly letters smashed tight, all vowels. The next day I broke the bedframe, maybe on purpose."

yeah. i love words and stuff, so i had to share.
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