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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
  news from quiet indie-dear Owen
i just got a lovely bit of news about one of my favorite musicians in indie rock. share in my joy:

Mike and Tim Kinsella - you know them as the masterminds behind such band projects as Joan of Arc, Cap'n Jazz, and my personal favorite, American Football - are parting ways for a generous amount of time to pour their all (as they always do) into Owen, Mike's solo moniker, and Tim's band Make Believe. though i like Tim's side projects, it's Owen whom i'm focused on (sorry man).

Owen has always had a beautifully quiet sound, whether he's crooning on my favorite Owen song ever, Places to Go (mp3), or whether he's picking it up slightly on She's A Thief (mp3 - ah, the strings!) or The Ghost Of What Should've Been (mp3). i just gave you a good picking there, courtesy of his Polyvinyl page, and the mp3s span three of his releases, EPs or LPs.

well. this November, he's releasing his latest LP At Home With. here is a quote from his page which illustrates the effort better than i could:

From an artist [sic] whom has, in the past, recorded entire albums in his childhood bedroom berating lost love and personal missteps, it's a new chapter. One of finally feeling 'At Home With' one's self, and inevitably breaking down each element of song and discovering what is simple, good and beautifully cathartic. In a word, Kinsella took his shoes off and got comfortable. Bitingly comfortable.

::::a demonstrative and perfectly wonderful track from the upcoming album: Owen - Bad News

ah, my excitement. if the entire album is as good as the track suggests, i'll be one happy chick.

mark your calendars for the 7th of November when his fourth full-length album drops into stores near you.
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