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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
  Bound Stems tour
pretty much exactly a month ago i posted on Bound Stems, a really great Chicago band with unique flair and millions of influences, most prominently the Spencer Krug vocals and the Wolf Parade feel. they're really, really good.

well they've just figured out their tour schedule, and i plan on checking them out - so you should, too.

8.27.06 @ Garfield Artworks | Pittsburgh, PA
8.28.06 @ Kenyon College/Horn Gallery | Gambier, OH
8.29.06 @ Mohawk Place | Buffalo, NY
8.30.06 @ Mercury Lounge | New York, NY
8.31.06 @ T. T. the Bear's | Cambridge, MA
9.02.06 @ Relative Theory Records | Norfolk, VA
9.03.06 @ The Khyber | Philadelphia, PA
9.04.06 @ The Red and the Black | Washington, DC
9.05.06 @ The Milestone | Charlotte, NC w/ Summerbirds in the Cellar
9.06.06 @ The Basement - Grimey's Records | Nashville, TN
9.08.06 @ Double Door | Chicago, IL *AROUND THE COYOTE*
9.22.06 @ Schubas | Chicago, IL - RECORD RELEASE SHOW
-Early All Ages w/ Metal Hearts, Late 21+ w/ Asobi Seksu
9.25.06 @ O'Leavers | Omaha, NE
9.27.06 @ The Oriental Theatre | Denver, CO
9.29.06 @ Kilby Court | Salt Lake City, UT w/ The Velvet Teen, WoodBriar
9.30.06 @ The Paradox | Seattle, WA
10.05.06 @ Rickshaw Stop | San Francisco, CA w/ Morning Spy, Ex-Boyfriends
10.20.06 @ The Nite Owl | Dayton, OH*
10.21.06 @ Mercury Lounge | New York, NY*
10.22.06 @ Middle East (upstairs) | Cambridge, MA*
10.23.06 @ Grog Shop | Cleveland, OH*
*w/ Maritime

::::hear the tracks we used to have up:
Bound Stems - Andover
Bound Stems - Western Biographic

lovely people.
i saw then back in january, really nice people. janie is especially nice. theyre really great live too, they put up faux vines and leaves and stuff up all over their equipment when they played.
bound stems AND maritime!!!! (glee)
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