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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
  Live from Lollapalooza: Wilco
Lollapalooza was almost three weeks ago now, as you may remember. we were there, you know, along with 160,000 other lunatics braving what was at times a modern convection oven. you've read coverage by all the big guys, and by us, but today we have a special treat.

Wilco played on day 3 and let me tell you, they drew quite a crowd. they played some new material and plenty of old and pretty much blew a lot of people away. now it's your turn.

::::for your hump-day enjoyment:
- A Shot In The Arm
- Impossible Germany
- I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
- What Light
- The Late Greats
- Handshake Drugs
- Via Chicago
- Let's Fight
- War On War
- Jesus, Etc.
- Heavy Metal Drummer
- Walken
- I'm The Man Who Loves You
- Hummingbird

they're all FLAC, per request of the recorder, so be patient with the downloads. and go check out our flickr set again, while you're waiting.
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