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Friday, August 18, 2006
  As Tall As Lions: new mp3
i have to admit something. i am not what you would call an As Tall As Lions "fan" - i know all too well the intensity with which their true fans adore them. to me, their first album was a cringe-worthy thing, vocals tapping too easily into that emo whine, music too structured and... well.. whiny. i have also had several chances to see them live now - and managed (though not by choice) to miss them all. i'm telling you, i'm not fated to like this band.

so then i get this email... and there's this as tall as lions mp3... and i want to just archive the thing and go the other way. but for some reason, i don't. i go through the right-clicking process, the waiting, the double-clicking (breaking a sweat for these guys, seriously) and - and the track plays, and -

well, dash it all. i like this. i like this a lot.

vocals seem to be the most significant improvement here. admittedly i'm reminded slightly of the Thom Yorke wail, but moreso do i hear just a simple maturing and new-found control. there is a very distinct likeness (or perhaps a clear goal towards one) to Chris Martin-ish piano. it isn't as highlighted as it would be in a Coldplay song, but it's certainly there more than, say, any guitar solos. in this way it's similar to something from Lafcadio, but here it's subdued - again, controlled. this brings the entire musical experience up another level; where once i was bored and much too suspicious of their emo outlook, now i thoroughly (though maybe still suspiciously) enjoy what i hear.

so dear readers! let me please share with you what may change my mind about a band for which i once cared less:
::::mp3: As Tall As Lions - Ghost Of York

eventually i'll follow up this mp3 review with a full album review, but for now i'll send you to their myspace for a listen to other tracks.
you can also stream their entire new album right here. ( i know, i know, streaming... ugh...)
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