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Thursday, August 17, 2006
  Men, Women & Children

Men Women & Children - self-titled LP

"When you think about it...there was a time where this all seemed like a joke. Now, it's become everything. Really, I have no friends. This is all we do."

coming from the mouth of Men Women & Children's guitarist Todd Weinstock comes the statement that, for me, epitomizes the auditory and conceptual attitude behind the New York City band. everything is about the extreme - we will have the biggest and the best, the light shows to cut the power, the production of anyone's lifetime. dance to this music or don't fucking listen to it at all.

and there's good reason that the music is a taut, uncoiling rope. the songs are written under stress, bursting from fitful arguments and brotherly contention. the band members admit their fighting and insistent perfectionism has been a driving force behind the energy and success of their album and crowd-pleasing gigs. leadman TJ Penzone's vocals are infectious, slightly anxious and always demanding. falsetto comes together with dance riffs, borrowed disco beats and heavy synths - we're talking more of that post-punk influence and dark, catchy electro twist.

"Writing these songs there was a lot of stress. But I feel like that became the basis of the whole band. To make something that was fun - something that when you walk into it, you can forget about your whole life for a while."

trust me: they've succeeded.

::::take a bite out of the high energy:
Men, Women, & Children - Dance In My Blood
bonus, yeah! M, W, & C - Lightning Strikes Twice in New York
catchy as hell, i'm telling you.

- - -buy the self-titled release, once on Reprise Records and now on Warner Bros.
- - -visit the ever-popular myspace and watch videos, buy shirts, do fan things.
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