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Saturday, August 26, 2006
  Colour Revolt, mp3

Colour Revolt - Mattresses Underwater
track review

emails skate by me unopened, unchecked, "marked as read" and i move on. it's just the way it goes; it has to be, or i'd be swimming in writing, constant writing, and i can't do that and live at the same time. no one can truly balance the application of paint to a canvas with fingers on a laptop keyboard; i don't work in a cubicle, on a computer, nor do i own a sidekick or a blackberry. with these factors i am at an automatic detriment to the quantity of posts i am able to make.

but this morning i clicked, for no reason, on the myspace link of a band with a silly name - bad rock, i supposed, or emo in disguise (i'm still waiting for this latter suspicion to be true). but that wasn't what i was met with at all. gentle piano (albeit lo-fi) tinkers and waves calmly, leading the way, enter vocals then drums. a pretty falsetto able to turn from melancholically light to downright frustrated, an angry uprise. just under two mintues, add strings? you're kidding! a raw version of the sonorous Americana in Band of Horses with vocals like that of Tapes 'n Tapes leaning against a tinny and outright guitar. good indie rock, soaring folky pop.

i loved the track, enough to be jumpy in my english and cry out on a Saturday (reminder: in the middle of New Hampshire) to say to you - hear this track. i think you'll be sold on buying their upcoming debut self-titled EP (on Esperanza Plantation).

::::love them with me: Colour Revolt - Mattresses Underwater

order the EP from the 'Camp, and check their myspace for very useful info (linked above) like tour dates and contact info.
Good pointer. Thanks.
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