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Monday, July 03, 2006
  We Are Scientists @ the Paradise, 7.02

We Are Scientists would either be the best or the worst house band ever. they'd come in, chat everyone up, say extremely hilarious and off-the-wall random shit, set up their stuff, and -

tear the fucking house down.

it's Keith Murray that comes in and rips everything up. he's a brat performer - he's like Pete Townshend with girl jeans and less money to replace guitars and amps - and he's awesome. during every song, the energy escalates and escalates until he's throwing around the mic stand and jumping in back of drummer Michael Tapper and whipping the high-hat with the mic cord. they're some of the best stage antics we've witnessed in a while. he hollers the lyrics, keeps his guitar solos insanely fine-tuned even while jamming the strings into the side of the drummer's platform. a beer started to spill on stage and what did Keith do? he gave it a swift swinging kick and sent it (and the liquid inside) flying across the stage.

but it's not only the energy that does it; it's the unconventional representation that brings you to the club in the first place (we hope). they're god damn funny. Chris Cain, sporting the sexiest sport goggles known ("people think i wear these because of the scientists thing...but the one thing these aren't good for is the lab. it's kind of anachronistic, but that's the point") - he is one funny dude. they had to waste a little time to fix something on stage and Chris stepped up to say, "how about bears in those lifeguard shorts, huh? now that's funny. that is fucked up. fucked up."

they're really a lot of fun. they're probably alex's favorite band, too, so he was ecstatic. pictures galore:

i would like to go on about this band. i would like to talk about how phenomenally kick-ass their website is, and how funny these guys are in everything to do from their show posters, to their album covers, to little credit-card-sized shameless self-advertising (" has got your mind by its balls"). i would like to question their cat theme, and pore over Chris's reviews (which keep me entertained for hours. the sink basin in the public toilet at ekko? genius, fucking genius), and other things. instead, i have to give you the boring stuff. i'll say it like it's the best ever, though, just you watch:
  • WOW! you can totally stream their WHOLE ALBUM right there! just click that very link --->--^ right there and be BLOWN AWAY OMG.
  • hey yo, watch this commercial and this commercial, and find yourself significantly cooler than you were before you clicked the links.
  • their myspace is ROCKIN. rock AWAY to the tunes they stream for you. ROCK.
  • videos? you like videos? get your videos here and there are more, you know.
  • still not convinced you need to buy the album? well, like they say: "Where else will you get accurate photos of kittens that are guaranteed to be accurate?"

    well, anyway. here's the set list:

    Lousy Reputation
    Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
    Worth the Wait
    Can't Lose
    What's the Word
    Cash Cow
    The New Guy???
    It's A Hit
    History Repeats
    Muchos Mas
    The Scene Is Dead
    The Great Escape
    Be My Baby (with Au Revoir Simone)
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