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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
  breaking news.
this is urgent. really.

...okay no, it isn't. but check it out anyway.

as shan alluded to, our flickr account is live and on the air. click here (or on the last sentence) and you can check out our mascot as well as pictures from the Morningwood and Rock Kills Kid show last sunday. we'll probably be putting up a few photos from past shows but we'll definitely post batches after every show we go to now on. so go take a peek and see exactly what you've been missing.(if i link you again, will you click it?)

this page has gotten a makeover! ROFLOMGLOLZ or something. we're trying to streamline it a little, so you might see some more minor changes over the coming days. if you're having problems viewing it at any point, or even if you like it, just leave a comment or drop us an email by clicking the thing on the sidebar (over there, on the right), or by clicking right here.

and finally, the new Muse album, Black Holes And Revelations, is out there for your pleasure. a real tangible copy has surfaced somewhere and is therefore spreading like wildfire, but the band has posted the full album themselves, as well. just hit up their myspace to listen to the entire thing, from start to finish, as it was intended. and you actually have to go from beginning to end, since you can't skip tracks or even fast forward. the effect of the album is better that way, though, in my opinion. i'll have a full review with some tracks for your listening and sampling pleasure, as well as a super special bonus track, when the mood strikes me (read: when i have time tomorrow).

and lastly,

Toaster says goodnight.
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