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Monday, June 26, 2006
the headliner of the night was, of course, Morningwood.

i'll tell you. we were prepared for a wild show - i remembered JAX's photos at the Roxy (as she says, CAUTION NUDITY) - but seriously. we had no clue.

all we could say afterwards?

"that. was. intense."

alex recognized Ave Maria playing as the lights went down and we all waited for them to take the stage. in near-darkness, bassist Pedro, guitarist Philip, and drummer Pedro set up and waited. at the end of the track, out comes a roundish girly figure bent over on crutches, face hidden, a red cape draped over her back and arms. as their openerGood Morningwood sped up, Chantal burst out from her "guise" -
and totally. blew. us. away.

the first thing to notice is her breasts. displayed prominently and, er, bulgingly, they are almost as intimidating as her voice and her stage antics. she sings to them, licks them, shakes them vigorously and demands $5 extra from every single person in the room for if/when they should pop out. ...but this is hardly the only thing about Morningwood, or Chantal, that makes the show a scandalous and orgyesque experience. it's the overall coating of sex. sex, sex, sex, and more of it.

there is no need to explain the relationship this band has to sex. even without an explanation, a mere introduction of the band's name kind of puts it out there. so it only makes sense that their live performance should be jazzed up with it. the only thing is, it's not just Chantal that's having it. it's everyone in the room. jumping, sweating, fist-pumping, mouthing every word: drunk chicks, tough-looking guys, indie don't-dancers, black-wearing emo kids and craft-making fifteen year olds with scrunchies all alike got down and dirty to the crowd-winning Wood. you've heard it and you know it yourself: sex sells. and we were all buying.

Chantal had us doing everything, from stealing our cameras to take pictures of herself and the band on stage, to inviting people up for a dance-off, to coming out to the crowd and demanding a piggy-back from some sturdy dude, to the notorious Take Off Your Clothes performance, to jumping off the stage and making us circle around her, down on the ground, during Nth Degree. she had us jumping, shouting, and interacting with her more than any other show we/I've ever been to. she made assert: "I fucking love you." she established we were all in love. and she had the minerals (as they say in GB) to get a stranger on stage and quite literally strip him, almost without his choice. she nuzzled his neck, bit around his belly and sang into his opened boxers. he was astounded and we were too - but it was all apart of the Morningwood. it was fucking crazy.

i would so see that again.

so, we didn't have tits and Suicide Girls like JAX did, but for lil 'ol Lansdowne Boston, we had a damn crazy night.

Good Morningwood
Nu Rock
Everybody Rules
Morales (never-before played live)
New York Girls
Body 21
Nth Degree
Take Off Your Clothes

Family Affair ( Mary J. Blige cover)
Knock On Wood

find out where they're playing near you at their myspace.
buy their debut Capitol release by clicking on the tiny album cover.
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