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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
  a little female action. ...not that kind.
i would like to warn ahead of time that this post is estrogen-rich. yep, i'm putting together some of the lady artists/female leadsingers that i've been listening to lately.

let me start off by saying i've always had a strange relationship with female artists. it used to be taboo in this tuck of the universe to listen to any band with actual instrumentation that had a woman's voice instead of a man's. i'm not kidding; the value of the music was somehow destructed by her presence. a token female keyboardist or bassist was alright - i think Smashing Pumpkins broke that mold - and maybe as back-up vocals. otherwise, sensations like those were a thing of the past, crazy leg-warmer wearing people (The Pretenders) or blond and ambushed-looking, like Hole or Garbage. [wow. those bands suck now.]

it still isn't a popular occurence. the rise of YYYs is, in my opinion, a novelty thing (note: i actually really like Show Your Bones). Jenny Lewis is fucking adorable, and it's clear she's extremely talented and noteworthy, with either Rilo Kiley or the Watson Twins. but in the indie-indie world, there are lead chicks abound. i was opened up to a whole new world of them - maybe starting with Frou Frou, to be honest - and now, we're cool. it's no longer taboo. if i'm caught in the car with the windows down, blaring Camera Obscura, i won't feel ridiculous.

so. here are just two of the girlies i've been spinning. (yeah, i said girlies.) i'll be posting more as the week goes along, but i'll get two of the biggies out of the way now. (both from the UK... hm...)

Lily Allen
when every single blog was going crazy over Lily, i didn't bother to add another post to the mix. instead, i just hit up her album, gave it a listen, then put it away again to let the flow of unheard/undiscovered artists continue through my playlist. it wasn't until i saw the video for "Smile" (this post) that i began to take her seriously.

first of all, she's adorable, and i love her name. her bri-ish accent compliments her sound so perfectly; instead of coming off as a struggling popstress waiting to be picked up by Columbia, she's oh-too-cool for America (not really) and bold, funny, and makes some of the catchiest electro-bubblegum pop that I've heard in a long time. if you're holding off listening to Lily because she seems too pop to you, hear this: she does everything herself. have you ever heard her mixtapes? you haven't? well, time to fix that.
::::because you can't actually buy it:
Lily Allen - Mixtape #2

(if anyone wants a tracklist, let me know.)

buy the import of Alright Still also, she has a blog.
check her myspace for all things Lily.

ah. here's another example of a band i haven't yet posted on - except in this case, you can't blame me. we're a baby blog, and Psapp [pronounced "sap," kids] i have known about for something like nine months now. [Grey's Anatomy. so guilty.] who are Psapp? read here (toytronica, hm). what do Psapp sound like? listen here. why do i love them?
because when was the last time you heard a voice as rich and full as Galia Durant's tune itself to electronic/instrumental noise-making fusion. when was the last time beat tracks and crazy Punky-Brewster-esque outfits made a team of musicians that kick so much ass. it is sonorous and mechanical, artsy and technical, honest and brutal. these guys get it all in.

::::you may have my favorite song off of Everything I've Ever Wanted:
Psapp - Tricycle

do the myspace thing. also, buy this.
they're touring with Jose Gonzalez and you'd be crazy not to see it - if it's not sold out (god damn it).

remember, you'll get more of this good stuff as the week goes on, including chick-present duos (Xiu Xiu? new songs? yes.)
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