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Monday, June 26, 2006
  Morningwood, Rock Kills Kid, The Lashes @ Axis, 6.25
when we left the club last night i turned to alex and said, "i feel like i've been molested."

here, i edit: in a good way.

it was appropriate that before we checked in to Axis last night, we skipped along Newbury for a bit and ducked into some shops (what's with the rain, guys..) - one of which was the beloved American Apparel. on the walls there they have hung vintage porn - magazines called Oui with scandalously clad or naked eighties models - and underneath, a little explanation. their reasoning is innovatively simple and to some degree coincides with their absolutely fantastic ad campaign; that is, that they feel there is a new influx of twentysomethings that are coming to embrace the sex culture, and not fear it. their added point was that people seem ready for "real models" again - that imperfections are normal and embraced as well (think curvy Scarlett rather than stick figure Nicole Richie).

the show at the Axis last night aggressively asserted this hypothesis. hol-lee shit.

just to let you know: this post is the first in which i'm inviting you to check out our flickr account. it's still kind of empty. however, eventually we'll have up pics from all of our shows (yes, ever, even the ones you Noise for Toaster fans don't know about) and it'll be a rockin' good time.

speaking of that...
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