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Monday, June 26, 2006
  Rock Kills Kid
before Morningwood came Rock Kills Kid.
before i start, you should know that this was 75% of the reason we were at this show. we have a thing for this band - and by we, i kind of mean Alex. it is for this reason that i'm going to leave most of the performance review to him.

to say that these guys were an incredible live act does not do them justice. if you know their back story (courtesy of Andrew from Harmonium), you already know that this record Are You Nervous? is everything to this band - literally. at a pause in the set, keyboardist/guitarist Calhoun (see linked interview) told the audience that it was a really exciting, amazing thing to see their record being sold in stores and so please, if we liked what we heard, we should go buy it. as always, NfT urges you to do the same.

they were tight. i mean, they were tight. and not coincidentally, their innate sexual nature was a perfect opener for what was to come, and also the beginning to my insightful and genius (cough) generalization of the night's performances. they wear black. they're dark, mysterious, rebellious and indefinitely older. they're starving artist and and LA grunge-glam. their songs addictively hail from eighties giants like The Cure and The Smiths - accidentally filling a niche that the kids love these days. and live? my god. they emanate sexual tension while positively kicking ass at what they do. regardless of the major label, the cliche following and those god damn Killers comparisons, they're amazing.

the ridiculously nice Sean Stopnik wrote out their memorized set list for us:

Don't Wanna Stay
Run Like Hell
Are You Nervous?
Back To Life
Raise Your Hands

check out their myspace.
seriously, you're crazy not to buy this album.
Awesome! Harmonium caught them live, too, and the review should be up soon. Jeff Tucker gives even straight men pause. - Andrew
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