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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
  new music: Dearborn

it's a rare case when i decide it's important enough to post just one mp3 from a band. but that's how much i believe in the representative single from Chicago's Dearborn, an actual rock group that's been kicking (smashing) some dust around on their local scene. this is rock like you missed it, rock like you've got a burning desire to stand up really fast and take a swinging wreck to your desk and all its contents, exploding your life as you know it. and that's just to kick it off, yo [rebellion]. when i tell you this song instills a passionate vibe, a ripping, shredding, guitar-soloing, smashing vibe -- my computer's on the floor. i'm typing this among the looseleaf papers and scattered electronics that used to line my desk.

truly, though, it's obvious this group has something going for them. their fans rave about their live performance, and as i'm always stressing, that's the most important part of this whole music gig. the people want to see you. the tables are turning on record sales and groups are getting big from their representation on the stage, their antics, their passion. Dearborn has it, just liked we raved over Cold War Kids and Birdmonster. and those groups are nationally touring, getting radio play, with the buzz buzzing like a storm. well, here comes the thunder, let me tell you. Dearborn will blow heads. (was that a good twist? i thought it was. did you like that?)

and, if you nevermind all that, i'll admit i never really thought i'd be calling a rock song catchy. but it is, dammit. the vocals are so good, and they staple themselves to your brain.

::::try it out, see for yourself: Dearborn - Already Down

visit their 'space to say hello (they take good care of their page).
also visit the hype machine as they garner spots on all of your favorite blogs. don't miss out on this song, either. do it.

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