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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
  new music: Abernethy

Abernethy - College Grove

this stretch before us -- January to April -- is one of the worst. nothing really to look forward to. a lot of introverted exploration, a lot of confusion, a lot of... depression. it seems appropriate, of course. we are mammals, and many hibernate in the wintertime. we put on weight, watch as the clouds of precipitation roll in, and we sit in our caves and boohoo.

i have no remedy for this period. instead, i have some good, solid, creepy music, full of the stuff that will help you sit these mopey feelings down and cathartically tune them into sound.

meet canadian Abernethy. what appears to be a family affair for one headlining musician takes on a rich level of closeness with music and a relationship with sound that runs with the best of Gregorian chants. his trademark is a low, penetrating harmony, a beautiful vocal symphony like you would hear in Moody Blues -- eery and wonderful. it is an other-worldly look into music now, a study of the underlying quiet that pervades when the dance party is done. even in his lightest moments (which i've given you), you can hear this suspicion, a feeling that something lies more importantly beneath. they often pay homage to past artists by borrowing one-liners: "she don't make time anymore," "something in the way she moves me," and others. you might have fun going through the album and picking them out. i recommend this album to you, but be of good constitution -- and be able to accept what this winter time is for. you're supposed to mope. wring it out with Abernethy.

::::it's very, very good.
Abernethy - Astronaut
: piano-heavy opener -- bright, commanding.
Abernethy - Unforgettably Young : possibly my favorite. it sounds old, seasoned, and tells a story. lyrics, vocals and instruments come together so nicely here. highly recommended.

visit their myspace and tell them i said hello.
check the hype, chart their progress, READ this lovely write-up of their past album's "Everyone Who Knows You" here, right here, at Said The Gramophone. and tell them i said hello, too.

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