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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
  Camera Obscura - new mp3s
i have a friend whose main concern with music is its aspect of "removing" people from their actual surroundings. he feels like, and he says he hears it all the time, the ipod is just a continuation of this possibility -- that now, anytime and anywhere, people can disassociate, merely by sticking little white things in their ears. he quotes a woman as having said, "i love listening to my ipod while i'm with you guys. this music makes me feel like i'm in a movie." and this scares my friend.

my friend would positively hate Camera Obscura. every song they release does something to my senses -- they dissipate, soar off to higher places of intangibility, make pictures and slideshows of sixties photographs, quick reels, dusty and yellowing dresses, people i don't know at their fifteenth birthday parties. and when the song ends, it's so hard to come back down. i have been in a story, alive and elsewhere. why return? ah! this is what scares my friend.

from the "If Looks Could Kill" single:

::::Camera Obscura - Hands Up Baby

this track is the best example i could hope for. slow, surreal, almost ethereal. amazing. it lilts slowly, building, lifting, lighter and lighter until you have found yourself entwined in every note. incredible.

::::Camera Obscura - Alaska

thankfully poppier than the last, this finishes up at a hopeful stride, running along like a brook, bubbly but pensive. the depth that this band is capable of... i'll tell you. it always surprises me.

lift yourself out of the "movie stupor" and we'll bring you to the hype, where you're sure to find the single and other great songs for your listening pleasure. and if this is your first time at disassociation, welcome! we here at NfT like to totally tune everyone out in the name of music all the time. sorry, buddy. (this scares him.)

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I share your joy concerning all things Camera Obscura. I guess they are like a lot of things in life--you either get them or you don't and I do. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see them in 11 days in Chitown.

I've loving all of the B-sides for this album. Hands up baby is amazing. thanks
Thanks for sharing these. I have their two albums and just cant get enough of their sweet pop tunes.
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