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Monday, January 22, 2007
  The Broken West, out tomorrow

as a seemingly appropriate backlash to recently dominating sub-genres of indie pop (i love to get technical), i seem to be running into quite a bit of alt-folk and alt-country, or at least a lot of "indie rock" with those undertones. this is how it came to be that now it is my turn to write about The Broken West, who sold me with one song.

these happy-poppy-jangly go-getters are a product of 60's pop, tambourine lovers, sing-along vocals and the very best of Beatles-to-Wilco guitar work. it's lovely stuff, really -- song after song is classically arranged, delivered confidently and maturedly, leaving an aftertaste a little like the better side of Jacob Dylan. this old-time aspect runs them with a crowd that's refreshing, where they can stand up alone out of the sea of electronic beeps and blips. i highly recommend taking a bite out of their organic sound and newcomer originality. they've followed the greats and they've successfully got something to show for it.

since I Can't Go On, I'll Go On comes out tomorrow, i'll whet your appetite to persuade you that this is a worthy purchase.
::::the word spread fast.
The Broken West - So It Goes
- this is the song that sold me.
The Broken West - Shiftee - a great example of their influences, and how they pull it off.

- head to the hype for a generous helping to their bigger tracks, especially "Down In The Valley," which is the song everyone's listening to.

- their myspace is their only working site at the moment (another band made them change their name - they were originally The Brokedown. i like their new one better) - - look them up to hear songs without downloading. good tactic. then BUY. their new indie label will help you (heart Merge records).

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