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Monday, January 15, 2007
  Of Montreal: "No Conclusion"

believe it or not, Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer doesn't come out until the exact same day as yesterday's artist, The Bird And The Bee -- January 23rd. to be released separately to the LP is a lovely little EP called Icons, Abstract Thee, and it's a slightly stripped-down effort that both gets your foot tapping, but doesn't leave you sunburnt, like only they can sometimes manage. it appropriately smells like album rejects, but what wonderful throw-aways! from typical band efforts in "Du Og Meg" to simple, one-chord progressions in "Derailments In A Place Of Our Own," the release is well worth your time.

by far, however, the best damn song on this EP is the 9 minute, 42 second "No Conclusion." lately i've begun to appreciate these longer compositions, finally able to tolerate length (as long as the song is worth the extra time). this one progresses and morphs masterfully. each song tends to loop into eachother with crying, urgent violins, and this rises with the same ebb and flow of emotion, wringing out an extremely mature and thoughtful song while still maintaining their addictively poppy and electronic standpoint. they're probably one of the only bands that could ever launch into a song with "Tonight I feel like I should just destroy myself," and still sound like they're having the time of their lives. a lot like Hissing Fauna's "The Past Is A Grotesque Animal" (11:53), this takes their normal pop masterpiece onto a whole higher level.

::::i'll give up the goods: Of Montreal - No Conclusion
starts to get really, really good around 5 minutes. just you wait.

the release date on the EP isn't set in stone, so i can't give you a link for preorder, but i know you're loyal to your favorite bands and you'll all grab it when it comes out. the lyrics end like "i never ever wanted to write this song, i always thought things would change somehow, and we would all start getting along.." so maybe i can start a huge, awful rumor that they're considering breaking up, and if you don't buy the EP they'll blame their fans and split. gasp! now you have to buy.
check them out on the hype. it will serve you well.

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