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Friday, January 19, 2007
  PBJ: an acronym for two wonderful things.

i know what's in that bag. sandwich makings.

having produced one of the catchiest songs i have ever heard, Sweden's Peter Bjorn and John are now finding their way to the US for a few lucky shows and finally, finally, a US release of their album Writer's Block. i know, i can't wait either. that'll be showing up February 6th (scarily not too far off) on "Almost Gold Recordings." the release will also include an awesome bonus disk.

for anyone not up on the loveliness that is this Swede sensation, please! i invite you to take a listen, at any of the following locations:

- their cute myspace
- the hype, because they give you tracks.

now, peanut butter jelly time.
yes, i said that.

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