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Thursday, January 18, 2007
  single craze: New Young Pony Club's "Ice Cream"

i almost never use one-sheets to write reviews, except to educate myself briefly about the origin of the band. but listen to this line:

"...a sound reminiscent of a hybrid version of Kelis meeting Blondie mashed up with Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem."

no kidding! but, seriously? no kidding. it's one of the most accurate descriptions of influences and sound-alikes that i've ever come across. meet New Young Pony Club. meet the newest UK dance pop sensation.

two preliminary band members and one catchy tune lead this moniker to grow to a decent five-member band and release a non-stop dance party EP, teasing us with only three separate songs and two remixes of the track that made it all happen, "Ice Cream." apparently, the Brit kids just gobbled this one up, and they went soaring in popularity as copies of the song flew off the shelves. if you don't already know this song, i think you'll be surprised -- pay good attention to that description up there, however, and you literally already know what it sounds like. reciting monotone lyrics, a speaking voice like Shirley Manson's (how could i possibly mention her two days in a row?) projects out of the speakers, sits next to you and stares into your eyes while the rest of the night moves on around it, people writhing like angular snakes, fitting their body parts to the beat in the rainbow-flashing club. everyone has to move, and yet she's entrancing. it's easy to see why they chose a sexed-up Alice In Wonderland meets Charlie and the Chocolate Facory theme for their female-predominent band. they're young, hot, and obviously excited about the whirlwind of recognition. (just look at their faces.)

it's all over the internet, but considering the video made me want to run out to Sugar Heaven and gorge on treats (i'm a gummi lady myself), here's an extra little treat off their EP so you know what else they do with their musical profession.

::::lick your lips and get ready.
NYPC - Ice Cream
the treat (bonus):
NYPC - Get Dancey

- - we do! we have! and we will.

pleeeease do all of the below:
- visit the fun little myspace
- ask the hype for all of the very good remixes floating around.
- BUY this EP, especially if you DJ.

-watch the video! they're adorable, although a little robotic. cute outfits?

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