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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
  technical report - i am stupid
guys, wow, i am sorry.

this is really embarrassing. if you use firefox as your primary browser, you have my sincerist apologies. this page looked like the work of a distractable kindergarten student until about five minutes ago, when i noticed the eleven-character flaw in my page layout, resulting in a sprawling sea of white nothingness below the most recent post for anybody who tried to load this blog in firefox.

but let me try to defend myself. where i defined the height of a certain part of this layout to be 100% of the page, and then later changed my mind on how it would work, firefox was the only browser to take me so literally and extend the content box all the way down to the bowels of this very page.

well, no more. in a moment of clarity or clairvoyance or something or other, i scrolled to the far right of the template in firefox, deleted those fateful eleven characters, clicked preview, and voila! everything was fixed.

and now here i am, kicking myself for both not having checked earlier, and not having realized it until about five months later.

so for all of you who are seeing this page as it was intended for the first time, i encourage your input and/or grievances. reprimand me for my laziness or what have you, and please, do come back again. our mp3s work now, and we promise you'll be seeing more of them. Toaster really did miss you, and he's only the happiest fish now that you're back to see what he has to offer.


Cheers, but I still get warped to a big white box at the bottom of the page when I click "view comments". (It's fine in IE)

Your site is worth the trouble though!
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