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Sunday, November 26, 2006
  we love this time of year.
sigh. we all disappeared this weekend, huh? i love thanksgiving, because it's essentially useless, but it gives us a break. plus there's Black Friday, in case you haven't gotten your fill of Lemming activities. there's family (i am a rare bird, and i actually enjoy mine), more food than an entire month combined, it's really quite a wonderful thing.

again guys, i'm sorry, the mp3s aren't quite how they should be, but they should be fixed... really soon. i don't know. i just don't know. i can't even begin to express my discontent with EZArchive. also on the agenda is fixing the blog to suit every browser - but give us time, give us time. for now i'm perfecting my pumpkin spice oatmeal cookies. Toaster's a big fan.

otherwise, the rush of emails and posts and mp3s and hits and great discoveries will begin again tomorrow morning, starting around 5 am, picking up around 6 and 7, and riding steadily until midnight. tonight, no one wants to go back to work. school makes us reel. in the morning we'll have to fight the alarm and put on the coffee, boil water for tea, trek to the barista, lick rainpuddles - whatever - and then go on our "merry" ways, braving the immediate onslaught of everything Christmahanakwanza. best of all is the mood music in every retail location with a sound system, making a pass through your local shops a compare/contrast session of every Here Comes Santa Claus rendition ever made.

for now, though, we're all escalating along with the commercialist cheer, buying into the XM Satellite Holiday playlists and sipping peppermint mochas instead of monday's Bold. but it's okay. it's getting to be that time of year, you know? forgiveness (our mp3 isues), peace (EZArchive), plans (browsers), love (cookies) - and breaks. giving into ourselves and sifting through the routine. why not let ourselves get carried away with man-made cheer? why not trick our senses into festivity, beat the bores with gingerbread lattes instead of dragging our faces along the sidewalk? it's a good time to let go. it's just a good time.

my forseeable christmas playlist (yes, already) only includes Sufjan Stevens, Songs For Christmas and Vince Guaraldi, A Charlie Brown Christmas. what's on your playlist? let me know, kids. recommend me to something (a role reversal for once).

i hope you all had a very happy thanksgiving.
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