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Thursday, November 09, 2006
  vicarious posting - Brett Dennen
there's this thing about college and life and people and involvement that i'm not a huge fan of - the commitments. time commitments, specifically. apparently i'm not up to par with managing mine yet. and so while i continue to not post myself for over a month, shan continues to work away, quite possibly doing more than i am and still posting. take this for example, today's email-prepared excerpt sent off on the way to the airport. that almost makes me feel bad about myself, like i'm inadequate or something.

alex: "you're getting ready to board a plane and you still prepared a post?"
shan: "yeah, what's your excuse?"
alex: "i, uh... i have vertigo. really."



Brett Dennen
- So Much More

yes yes, hello.

i didn't mean to break my promise already, yesterday. if you don't know what i'm talking about, forget i said anything, but for all of you that are deeply offended, toaster kisses for everyone. and stuff. - - - i have good news, though. i'm putting aside a hundred other things i should be doing to bring you words, pixels and media, this addictive bloggish stuff that some scorn and most just devour, lick their lips, check for crumbs. ohhh you know who you arrre.

have you seen this guy? i'd like his age. he's baby-faced, red-headed, freckled, mop-haired. he sounds jaw-droppingly like...someone... i can't think of who, too little sleep probably, but something about the way he treats his inflections, syllables, drawing out words, dropping them off, etc etc - something about tonality, range - i don't know. poor brett dennen is getting less time of actual listening and more vocal scrutiny. am i speaking english today?

- he's adorable, but in that dangerous way, like he knows about it - and he should, considering he's opened up for John Mayer and Dave Matthews Band. it's that confidence, however, which is half of his appeal. a dozen reviewers (including John Mayer himself?) have described it very similarly - that the instant you put in the album, you're blown away. pop, rock, folk rock, alt country, really good things. he has a voice so entirely comfortable with its natural surroundings (i.e. guitar and drum accompaniments) that it becomes fluid. it's nearly like a conversation -- one-way, enrapturing, and worthy of foot-tapping, but a comfortable discourse nonetheless.

::::i know you'd like a listen. because he's going to explode.
Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason
- assuming this is the single. very impressive.
Brett Dennen - Darlin' Do Not Fear - highly recommended, but a hard choice. there are too many good picks, really.

i have a pet hobby of scoping out individual male voices and putting them through the "does this come even remotely close to making me feel like i did the first time i heard john mayer" test. ah, i'm giving myself away! lack of sleep, lack of sleep. but it's true, and you may as well know. and Brett Dennen? Brett's doing pretty well. he's doing pretty damn well.

his myspace, loved and caressed by fourteen year olds and twentysomethings that know music. i mean it, go look. the hype, although i'm pretty shocked at the lack of posts on this dude. don't worry, Brett dear, you'll get there. you just tell 'em it was NfT.

so, i know you're all jealous, tonight i'm heading off to San Francisco (and thereabouts) for the weekend, where i should still be posting, so don't fret. frets totally unnecessary. anyone know the weather out there....? (which i almost spelled like "whether." i'm telling you, guys, it's the sleep.)


yep. she's good, she is. really, do listen to her. and i really do have vertigo right now. weirdest thing ever. not that it's an excuse for why i haven't posted in a month, but who's keeping track? shan can just keep posting vicariously through me and it'll look like i did the work, right?

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