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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
  Tiny Dancers - "20 to 9" mp3

Tiny Dancers

hey, whaddyaknow, Wednesday afternoon pickmeups.

::::as catchy but 20 times more brilliant than mmbop, i'm telling you:
Tiny Dancers - 20 To 9

this is quite a lovely medley of 60's pop combined with today's answer to "indie rock," whatever that catch phrase truly means these days. this is the single best track i've heard all week (i'll let you know if that's true Sunday). its staying power is questionable, but it's a lot of fun and perfect to swing your mood. it's for the moment. let it be ephemeral, you know? everything's okay.

the brit band is pretty lovely, too, coming straight-outta West Yorkshire (watch out) with awesome accents and an impressive line-up of inspiration - namely worldly music, from every corner of the globe and back again (refreshing that they weren't catering to any acronymed western country). i suggest you check their playful myspace.

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