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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  Architecture in Helsinki: 'this is the remix'
fall is my very favorite season. i live in new england, you see - if i lived in san francisco (still here, sort of) i might be singing a different tune. but the fall in that precious little lump of states on the upper right-hand corner of your US map... it's better than just "fall." it earns the word autumn. the foliage, the squash, pumpkins, apple-picking, thanksgiving tradition (massachusetts, plymouth - we started it yo!), schizophrenic weather, that whole indian summer thing... pumpkin spice ice cream... the proper climate for hot cider... yeah. everything feels very hallmark, and yet we're so damn proud of it, and we very well should be. the pilgrims broke their bread here, after all. and pilgrims are pretty sweet.

HENCE why i so appreciated Architecture In Helsinki's website the first time i visited in the last few weeks. i don't pretend to know when they updated their site; i haven't had too much reason to check it, since we haven't seen much of AIH lately -- even if we've heard quite a bit about them, what with their ever-increasing popularity and gradual climb to pop status. nevertheless, the layout is quite wonderful; it's not new england, but it's sure as hell like it, what with the falling leaves and the blustering wind (thanks flash) and the snow, the gray, the clouds and swinging old-fashioned logo. it's happy, damn it. and it's so appropriate.

thanks to their interludish remix album We Died, They Remixed, we get to relive all of that innate happiness of AIH in a slightly different way. they have some wonderful talent handling their songs - among which Hot Chip, Safety Scissors, Squeak E Clean, and others to whom i'm just now being introduced. some go off in directions i could do without, but others work really well, and still capture that effervescent affect of the Australian team. the whole thing is pretty damn good. the best part about it, of course, is that it's a lovely little teaser until they get together their follow-up to 2005's In Case We Die (which is soon).

::::bask in its teasing glory:
AIH - It'5! (Poutine Dream Mix - 33hz & Ming)
- this playful tune gets a non-stop electronic heartbeat and a lovely twang that will have you bouncing in your computer chair (which i highly recommend. both the song AND the bouncing).

Bonus: AIH - Tiny Paintings (Squeak E Clean and Koool G) - the original song is completely different from this update - a little eerie, definitely different. the remix, however, is tantalizingly poppy, boppy, beep and blippy in the coolest damn way. my favorite.

enjoy! check the hype for a littering of other tracks, but mostly the highly-hyped (obviously) Hot Chip remix, which is terrific.
aaaand go to their myspace which is, though bare, the best way to keep up with their tour schedule (also kind of empty, at the moment).
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