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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  a must read [your blogger speaks]
alright. this morning marks my official return and, though this morning's AIH post was really meant for yesterday, we won't talk about that and pretend like i never quite went away... (i left my heart, SF, yeah yeah)

first order of business: LAYOUT INQUIRIES! YAY! NfT is all about pleasing its readers (ooobviously) and so we're super interested in whether your viewing experience is as good as your reading experience (oh, we know). how's the layout, guys? more importantly, does it work for you? how's it doing with your browser? RSS feed? mac/pc? spinach pie? let us know if there are any kinks, anywhere at all, and short of sending you frozen baked goods, we'll do what we can.

next up. have you heard the new Robbers On High St mp3? there are a number of good reviews on it (and, moreover, they have it for you to download) so i will award them the free hits by sending you directly to the hype machine, where they will hook you up by your discretion (i'm not really into playing favorites). absolutely addictive, mate. this tune sits in your head and rattles the little noodles of your brain until you.are.the.fatalist.and.robbers.on.high.street.are.all.that.matter -
more on this when the EP rolls out.

soooo, Jay-Z's new album comes out today... (yes, i'm actually talking about this). it leaked over the weekend and so all o' you little buggers already know what it sounds like. i suggest Idolator, who has two pretty good tracks (not playing favorites - you try and sift through the hype if you want, but it's terrifying). i don't really listen to Jay-Z, but i did once upon a time (who didn't in 1999?) and he still interests me in that overseer-of-a-really-big-and-influential-label kind of way.

that's actually it. that's all i have for notes. silly, huh? must be done, must be done.
I kind of like it when the posts show up under one another so you can see any posts that may have been made since my last visit :) I don't know, just a thought, and great work with the blog!
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