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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
  new music: SoftLightes

SoftLightes - Heart Made Of Sound

this post was originally intended for yesterday morning but blogger was having none of it, so we tore out our hair and waited for this morning to give you this lovely bit. expect more later concerning turkey day.
gobble gobble.

i once met someone from San Diego. we sat on a porch by ourselves during a large party, five o'clock summer heat, expensive wicker rustling with cheap outdoor cushions. he loved The Doors, but in a way that a kid loves seventies punk bands, "they're the only thing that matters, their word is god." and he told me in the most personal of ways that all he did at home was to get in his car and start driving, any direction, drive to Nowhere, and end up Somewhere. he said getting lost was the only way to find anything. shift, rustle, paper plate pizza, loud guffaw from inside. he said, i just go alone.

i thought about driving. i thought about driving away. i thought about the same sun slanting in through the porch screen, a hazy yellow, a world of perfect weather and a city to which i'd never been. i thought about twisting, winding roads, cliffs overhanging the sea, a view to take breath. i thought about reflections on water and the same sun wrapping everything in white. i thought, there is beauty in all of that.

today, years later, all at once i'm rushed back to that time when i sat, unmoving, and was thrown through boundaries of space and time to find Somewhere and still keep going, drive on drive on. it's this song. it's this song, and i can't tear myself away. and i am rushed back...

::::SoftLightes - Heart Made Of Sound

Modular's latest signing has undergone some major changes (they're essentially a new band) and their introductory EP, title track Heart Made Of Sound, is positively enchanting. it's some of the best music i've heard in months - and i've had the EP on repeat since i got it. it's not quite like the americana of Band Of Horses or My Morning Jacket, but something similar with a twist of those "indie rock" sensibilities that are so hard to explain - barely audible background voice-overs, punches of noise, synths, useful electronic elements, etc. they've looped together one of those indescribable and constantly shifting masterpieces like Annuals pulled off with their Be He Me, succeeding with everything they try. if you know your NfT blogger well enough, you know that's a very high compliment.

::::Bonus: SoftLightes - Noah And The Electric Cholos

so kids. get ready for the full release in 2007. you know i'll let you know.
in the meantime, check their myspace to hear two songs i didn't give you (the microwave song! they love kitchen appliances, too). they also have a video, a picture of george harrison, and a LINK (which is now right there) to their digital-only EP on iTunes, from which i am giving you these songs, and i highly recommend it. so much so, it's in bold.
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