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Sunday, November 19, 2006
  the on-going fixin' uppin'
people, people, people. you've let me down!

why didn't anyone tell me NfT works like crap on Firefox? looks good on Safari and IE, yeah, but looks like the self-absorbed little writers here couldn't look past their own noses and think to look at any other browsers. speak up, my people! what browser do you have? how's it looking? and i apologize to those of you that have been grinning and bearing the Firefox experience. we'll have this fixed (along with mp3 tagging) before you can say turkey-and-stuffing-and-jellied-cranberry-sauce-and-mashed-potatoes-and-

and if you live outside the US, before you can say that-silly-dinner-holiday-with-american-football-and-tryptophan. actually, let's all just say that.

...and this should be cool within the next week. and then the entire internet world can hold hands and sing around the campfire that is noise for toaster goodness. you know i'll bring the marshmallows (i always do).

quick sunday post... see you all tomorrow.
After reading this I checked out NfT in IE (I mostly use firefox) and yeah, it does look better there. lol
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