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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
  Review: Jeremy Enigk

Jeremy Enigk - World Waits
(incredibly beautiful website - a highly recommended visit)

there is nothing in the whole world like a revelation in the middle of the muddle, the muffled meddling mess of many things to do, a mind plagued with muck. quietly it stews. there is sits, waiting to be done, the piles like a laughing taunting game of Jenga, disorganized and incomplete and swiss cheese in nature. oh, it's impossible to ever be entirely happy, to do anything at all without thinking: i need to do so many other things. it's impossible to just live. like bags of sand it all drapes bulkily over the shoulders and to try and get out from under is futile - the weight will be there in the morning. sleeping in a sandbox, for pete's sake.

and there is this music which, unsettlingly, refuses to be left alone - there is a soft, sweet calling, a taunt like the sirens of the world have blown to pieces and scattered like mediocre translations of the Odyssey, ducking into innocent people's homes and ravaging their stereos and ipods. the temptation of the song will not be ignored, regardless of sandbags or the neverending Jenga tower that is the week month year's planner. the song says -

well. it doesn't need to say anything at all.

this is the power of Jeremy Enigk's World Waits. it is no exaggeration to say that i haven't heard anything quite like his intro song A New Beginning in so long that when i first heard it, i was shocked into a sort of quiet reverence. it breaks through the crusted layer of dullness, the blurred edges of the day-to-day - it eases you away from the wobbly tower (you can come back to it later...) and then opens a window. Been Here Before, taking the cue, is then the light. streaming in from the outside, i blink feverishly, surprised at my own susceptibility to mere music, embarrassed even. the album continues in this vein, exploring corners of his vocal capability, various eighties and nineties influences, flickering from dark to light back to dark, bending in the sunlight. nevermind the seeping, creeping, curving and flying instruments and synths - his voice is haunting. it breaks the drone of my own thoughts like little else i've found since this summer.

::::and how refreshing.
Jeremy Enigk - A New Beginning
Jeremy Enigk - City Tonight

buy this album.
i invite you to go to the hype where they are overloaded with terrific tracks, including the wonderful single. go visit his myspace, say hello to the Sub Pop artist page (because i love them)

and be happy. let him take it off your shoulders for a few minutes.
glad to see you're readin'. Thanks for the comment. Yeah. I got a little condescending/elitist for a second. It's easy to get that way in this damned blog business. But seriously, glad to see you're readin'. I'll add you to my blog roll.
really enjoy yr beautiful writing... and yr lowercase words :) keep up the great work~
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