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Sunday, November 05, 2006
  family photos, my whereabouts, free drinks. alright, maybe not the free drinks.
i usually try very hard not to let my personal life meander into my posts. i mean, when it's appropriate, i'll give you little anecdotes - my history with a band, my opinions (Shins?), my experiences listening to an album or something or other. but it's always music related. i can't remember a time that it hasn't been.

WELL. i've been slacking lately, guys, and i think it's high time you find out why your favorite blog NfT (cough) isn't as religious with its posts as it has been in the past. i'd like to keep it to a minimum, though, so i'm going to pack it in like i'm giving you a healthy dose of one-a-day advice:

- forget EZArchive, yo. after a while, i completely stopped reading the emails coming our way and let the other half of NfT do the dirty work, but there was something about revamping their site, switching all of our files over, having all new file addresses or something... hell if i really know what i'm talking about. technical questions? ask alex. he really does have the advice and the know-how to help you, and i think he's in the know about some alternative sites. moral inquiries? look no further than yours truly. i say: it sucks. my sympathies go out to you and yours.

- don't go to art school, and forget majoring in english. you will find you have three times the amount of free time than you did before, and you may be a happier soul for it. if you've already got this covered and have a real paycheck coming in the mail, congratulations! let me know how it's going. make me jealous.

- back up your entire hard drive in sixty-five different ways. burn cds, print documents, fill up twelve little flash drive dealies, invest in one of those external hard drives (New Egg is where i got mine) - do everything possible to make sure what you hold near and dear will stay near and dear to you - right snugly within your access. everyone has a horror story about losing everything they've ever done, tearing their hair out, throwing their bits of technology off of the roofs of skyscrapers. but i lost all of my music, guys. can i have a chorus of "oos" and "ouches" and "aws"? it might soften the blow. nah, nope. i'm still TOTALLY DEVASTATED, GASP.

- beware the curse of comfort. a great song by The Thrills expresses this phenomenon both accurately and hilariously (lyrics). basically, you get used to a good life, and your creativity goes to shit. it isn't so much my creativity that i mourn in my case, but i do miss the energy it can sometimes take to stay a whole leap ahead of the game, as is the expectation of bloggers now. but i never stop searching - my passion never wanes - so it's just that step from finding to writing that needs a little pepping. don't worry, i'm still here.

in any case. you'll find that, starting tomorrow, i should have exactly one post a day, excepting most weekends. no longer should updates be sporadic! i miss you all too much. i love your comments and your emails. keep 'em coming. keep 'em alllllways coming.

by the way, you catch that beautiful boy up there? toaster says hello to all the ladies. but he's a little pissed i've been so irresponsible... always on my back, i'm telling you...
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