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Monday, November 06, 2006
  new Animal Collective - People (EP)
Animal Collective appear to be actively dabbling right now. they're re-releasing extremely old albums (Holinndagain, yay - courtesy of Harmonium), they're going about very specialized live sets, they released a CD/DVD sweetie in July (Grass, yay) and they're all-around doing very well to live up to their weirdness.

even more weird, though, is the slated release date for this People EP, November 16th, which has virtually no press involved with it. to tell you the truth, i can't even figure out if it'll be on Fat-Cat or Paw Tracks. i do, however, have my hands on it, and i'd like to share it with you by virtue of the Animal Collective Good Of Mankind.

::::i think the track name makes it: Animal Collective - Tikwid

it's good. this track is my favorite - being the most... accessible, you could say. it's a refreshing turn from the rare live release (Hollllinnnndagainnnnn) which has everyone (except, as promised, Pitchfork) reeling a bit from confusion and headache. but it's still them, and it's still insane, and it's still the best music i could think of to have on while you're doing drugs. just ask your favorite stoner. try this at home, kids. try this at home.

-do the myspace bit.
-also, check the hype, if you're smart.
-pre-order, yo, especially if you're one of our UK readers. let me know what the return address is, will you? or if animal collective themselves show up at your door? i'd say it would be worth that $16.

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