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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
  Review: Tiga - Sexor
i think every blogger has an album-reviewing ritual. well, probably a lot of bloggers. alright! this one does. i am a blogger, a creature of habit, an OCD mofo. ohhh i said it.

Tiga totally defied my plan to review him. i pop in his album - always the first step - and i check my email and do other things while i listen to the tracks. if something jumps out at me, i expand on it with some weird connection in annoying elboration and give you guys your free music and head on my way (don't think i don't know, kids). but Tiga totally shocked me. he picked me up, spun me around, said "it's probably a little early in the morning for you to be listening to this?" but took me on his sexy dance-craze joyride nonetheless, and now i will be late for my day. or will i be early for tonight? i can't tell.

one thing that i could tell without any reading was the influence of Scissor Sisters on his music. this came out especially on You Gonna Want Me. the addition of Jake Shears's (what is the grammatical possessive protocol there?) vocals on this track adds this extremely dynamic element and - though at the first listen, i thought i just wanted to laugh - made me take him seriously as a music artist and a man with a mission. Tiga is dirty. Sexor is a rubbing, grating, groping album when listened to all at once, a dance party with slippery foreign folk that just won't stop. and you can't help but like it. you can't help but get into it, at least for a little while. lights down, beat on, anything can happen - flying colors, sexy atmosphere, everyone does things differently when they're far away from home (like buying Italian leather jackets that cost way too much? mm, go a step further, follow that beat). like any crazy dance party, after a while it's time to duck out of the fray and -

uh, get dressed for your day? what time is it again? i thought for sure it was later than this. or do i mean earlier? what time does the dancy delusion set in? for Tiga - ah. it never stops.

highlights are at the beginning of the album. the songs give you a little more breathing room than just straight-up disco techno, and have quite the catchy melodies. take, for instance, the single -

::::Tiga - (Far From) Home

his androgyny is never tacky - always just lingering within the border of delightfully scandalous. i love the pink tracksuit, i'm sorry. i could have chosen the mussed-up tie, the "come hither" look - but i wanted to choose Tiga-plays-dress-up-in-girl's-skater-clothing. that shit is priceless.

alright, kids. off to work/school/discotheque. ready set go.
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