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Friday, June 23, 2006
i love this. a lot.

Brooklyn Vegan points us to a really terrific ad campaign for Philidelphia: "Philly: The Edge of New York". clearly i don't live in New York, but i will someday, and i like this campaign for several reasons.

  1. i'm an artist myself. i get a lot of crap for this, but i support the "starving artist" culture and truly believe that an artist is largely influenced by their surroundings. i'm one of those people that soaks up SoHo and 1980's Brooklyn artists like Basquiat... and therefore, i'm always interested in the cries of the New York artistic community - even if they're saying, um hi, we're freakin moving to Philly.

  2. this is an intersection of art and music. as i am continuously faced with the question of what the hell i'm going to do with my life, i keep trying to find ways to join the two biggest things in my life - art and music - together. i mean, saying that is kind of like saying art and art, and in this way there ends up being a sort of obvious and irrevocable connection between them. but the truth is, one is more profitable than the other, unless your art is commercial or you're the second coming of Andy Warhol.

  3. beat the system, yo. fucking move to Philly. do it. then maybe the rail system will improve (because gas prices clearly won't allow for a move).

iiiii don't know. i like the idea. and it does have to do with our indie scene, because a million great bands come from that area, and you care. you do.
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