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Thursday, June 08, 2006
  now that you've come here
- please go away.

that's right.
i know you love us, but you have to give these blogs their time too, okay?


  • Pop Boy rants and i love every minute of it, as usual. this time he admits to liking the new muse single - which is an opinion i share. i've never, ever liked muse (true story, i swear) but for some reason, Supermassive Black Hole does it for me. Pop Boy says the same thing, just in quite a few more words. it's okay, though. i still dig it.

  • it was 666, yes, but marathonpacks paid no attention and wrote a characteristically genius post on the freaking awesome Herbert album - or, at least, the opener Something Isn't Right. i posted on Herbert a little while ago (click to catch up) and i'm delighted at more good words on the man. go read - marathonpacks is a must.

  • Andrew at Harmonium covers two albums at once - Camera Obscura's Let's Get Out of This Country (nice rating, totally in agreement - and "patriotic execs at Wal-Mart"... oh, go read, it's just good) and Guster's Ganging Up On The Sun. we here at NfT are loyal to the lovely boston bands, and hey. four stars is decent.

  • Ear Farm is all excited because he was down at The Delancey with his DJ gig, Beg Yr Pardon, and all of you who live in NY should have gone. i would go on the 20th if i could - but you should.

  • so in the spirit of everyone that has ever recorded a CD covering Gnarls Barkley, The Twilight Singers have followed along and covered Crazy. i have a sort of personal collection of these covers now. but here, Stereogum has the mp3. i wonder if MOKB will do a Crazy covers list? it would be ever-growing, at this point.

  • You Ain't No Picasso very nicely sums up the summer concert festivals. nice to see them all in one place. you should at least be heading to one of them - i know we are, Lollapalooza baby. trekking half way across the country for it. literally. (i heart chicago)

  • thighs wide shut tipped me off to this video, and you can go there to see it if you'd like, but i can't see why since it's right here:
    Lily Allen - Smile

    yep, she's adorable. thighs wide shut is also streaming the paris hilton video. if i had whatever that takes, i would have it here too, but you can either just see it on youtube and laugh your ass off or go say bonjour to thighs and laugh your ass off. actually, that's pretty much what i do when i head there anyway.
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