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Friday, June 23, 2006
  Oneida - Heart of Brooklyn

Oneida - Happy New Year

everything Oneida does reminds me of a heartbeat. i feel like the three quirky individuals play their hearts out, literally; checking their pulses to the rhythm of their repetitive riffs and mechanical, pumping drums. they work harder than most artists - possibly harder than anyone. they sweat, rave, jump around like their lives depended on it, never ceasing to look back on what they've done or what they'll do next. it's only music. it pulsates. it's their heartbeat - and for forty five minutes, it's yours, too.

i'm actually giving you four tracks from their upcoming release Happy New Year, which comes out on Jajaguwar on July 11th. you can preorder it now, which i suggest you do, and you can also take a look at these songs (you know, if you really want to).

::::Oneida - The Adversary
this track is the first off of the album that made my eyes open widely and pay attention to something other than my self-absorbed little world. i find this to be a good quality in things, especially music, so that i can take some time out of my day to clear the palette, wipe the board clean, start on a clean slate, and... well. i'm half kidding.

::::Oneida - Up With People
this is the single, and it's postively everywhere. even Pitchfork, in its futile attempts to act like an mp3/music blog, posted a review of the track this morning. the truth is, it's pretty fantastic - it really drives my heartbeat theory home. it ticks on in your brain well after the 7+ minutes are up.

::::Oneida - History's Great Navigators
possibly my favorite of the bunch, it instantly grabs you with a beat track (Mark Mothersbaugh sample?) then a high pitched, incessant keyboard ringing. the song takes on many highs and lows from there, cutting almost five minutes of a breath-catching ride. i'm telling you - your heart pumps to this stuff.

::::Oneida - Busy Little Bee
lastly i give you a little switch-up from the Brooklyn band. this track stumbles in with a twanging acoustic riff that holds you captive, much like a black and white western would. it's a little slower, a little quieter, a little less on the keyboards and electrics. yes, they're still the obsessive compulsive repetitive rockers we love, just mixing it up.
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