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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
  Robbers On High Street - cut them some slack.

i've been reading around the block lately about these disgruntled bloggers and music fans looking to condemn Robbers On High Street for their "indie rock by numbers" feel. at this point, you probably know that their latest EP The Fatalist And Friends has gotten quite a bit of attention for its single, "The Fatalist" (go to the hype to locate a copy). it's still the second most popular track on, and for a long long time, it was the first.

so what does this say about the argument of its mediocrity? if it follows a supposed formula of "indie rock" (a particularly hazy term in the first place), is it possible that music listeners just like that formula? i ask you: what's wrong with producing the perfect single? it's true, i consider myself an album person. the majority of the time here on NfT, i'm trying to sell you an entire project of a new band, never mind a single you could possibly dig. but every once in a while, something comes along and just knocks on the sides of your brain until you can't help but listen to it over and over and over - and for me, that's what ROHS accomplished.

meanwhile, as you might suspect, the rest of their material is just as worthy as the single. take, for instance -

::::Robbers on High Street - Major Minor

this track is also on the new EP. it very much follows the same "formula," but it works impossibly well. the song is catchy, the vocals rock, and the whole thing makes you stop and wonder what all the fuss is about. relax, kids! it's a song! find your grand and heartstopping innovation somewhere else. this is just damn good music, and that's damn good enough.

ROHS' myspace. hype linked above. to read a gajillion posts on them, i direct you to, where they aren't entirely mp3-driven.


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