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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
  new Voxtrot: Your Biggest Fan
mmmm... fresh baked singles.

a classic beginning serves a jingly-jangly (my favorite word lately) beat - love the tambourine - and the sweet, sweet tune of indie rock, rock piano and never overdone steel come together for a really great track. i highly recommend checking it out.

::::Voxtrot - Your Biggest Fan

BONUS: Voxtrot - Sway
- strings, beautiful strings, quiet piano and a perfect uprising, a lovely harmony. i'm telling you, these are real gems.

Edit: mp3s have been removed, per request of the management.

if the hype can help you further, then by all means.
go tell voxtrot's space how much you love them, and preorder this EP.
Sway is my favorite of the three songs they just released to us. A gorgeous song. I was just chatting with Bill Baird (SOUNDteam) - He really likes the arrangement on that track. Gorgeous work.
thanks for posting these. now i don't have to give these greedy bastards my money.
C'mon, these guys are anything but greedy bastards. They release their records on their own label --Cult Hero. I brought the mp3's for the first two EP's, even though I had previously downloaded every single one for FREE. If you like the music,you have to support those artists.
here here. listen to Fernando, kids.
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