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Friday, October 13, 2006
  The Positions - "Bliss"
the music strikes up and the song brings out its dancing shoes. its laughing and talking with its friends, the din of chatting groups and couples coy with each other in corners - it's settling its skirt around its legs while it ties the last lace. then it jumps up, bouncing, knees slightly slack for the moment as it tests out the tap, the jig, the spin, twist twist twist -

lights down, a hush -

it has the center of the floor. everyone stares with envy and admiration while it dips, hooks, curves, jumps in and out and back again, positively grooving. gradually - now picking up speed - everyone joins in, every group, the couples even take a break from each other's eyes, no one can stand not to be out on the dancefloor with the song of the night, the center of the party, the sunshiney new love feeling of Bliss.

::::a party in itself:The Positions - Bliss

can't miss this track, kids. luscious indie pop duo The Positions have gone and done it right - Camera Obscura meets Saturday Looks Good To Me, rainbow-sprinkled.

don't resist baby, just admit to bliss.

(don't worry. they say that in the song.)
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