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Friday, October 06, 2006
  KT Tunstall covers Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees. beautifully.
certain sounds can legitimize artists for me. for instance, good melancholy. there's nothing like it, no? i mean, that spine-tingling good stuff, the quiet snow of thoughtfulness and... ah, forget it. you've heard me spout off on that.

for KT Tunstall, it's a live cover. i'm going to honest, here: i'm not a live-version fan. i'm not! if i wasn't there, then i don't know why the crowd roars at two minutes in, i don't get the organic appeal of the waivering voice, the raw sounds escape me. i need to be standing right there to get it. unless, of course, it doesn't even sound live, which means two things: the artist is good enough to pull something off just as well on stage as they would in the studio (which should be the point, huh?) and i'm tricked into liking the song as just another song. yes! KT Tunstall achieved this effect! can you believe it? well see lookee here:

::::KT Tunstall - Fake Plastic Trees

the second amazing thing here should now be instantly apparent (if for some reason you missed the bright orange title of this post). she's covering Radiohead, yo. that would be Thom she's channeling. but that would be fluttering piano worthy of a concerto. those would be vocals that rival Feist and Amy Millan. she has lungs - think "if i could just turn and run." think the build-up. think asking Regina Spektor for advice on vocal timing and then belting it out, as gutteral and melodiously raspy, as dark and soothing as her addictive poppy Eye To The Telescope. this translation of the eerie, almost frighteningly powerful song (i get shit for it being - possibly - my favorite by Radiohead) is genius. it's refreshing. i'm not very easy on covers for songs that i love and know so well, and yet i was just impressed as hell when i heard this.

bravo, KT. sweet single cover, by the way. ain't she cute?

you can find this cover on the Another Place To Fall single (or right here). head to her 'space in case you aren't acquainted with the "i have chinese blood but i channel classic rock and country greats" beaut. she's really actually quite gorgeous, too, in case you missed that.
still not satisfied (never!) - the hype will help. take two at each meal.
Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for posting!
she covered this AMAZINGLY well. her voice is so raspy and gorgeous. and she's so SO cute too.
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